"The vital role
of the Utah Fire Caucus
is essential in disseminating information to legislators, and
in turn, their constituents "

— Sen. Patrice Arent, Utah Fire Caucus founder and
former co-chair

Origins of the
Utah Fire Caucus

The non-partisan Utah Fire Caucus was formed in 2004. It is modeled after the very successful Congressional Fire Service Caucus (CFSC), established in 1987 in Washington, D.C., by Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon, and currently one of the largest caucuses in the U.S. Congress. The CFSC is supported by the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CSFI), a non-partisan, non-profit organization of fire service and related trade groups and organizations. Its mission is to provide "services and programs to engage members of Congress in fire and life safety issues."

In Utah, the broadly-based, 20-year-old Joint Council of Fire Service Organizations provides information and support to the Utah Fire Caucus.

More Information
Utah Fire Caucus Brochure (pdf)


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